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Executive Order Implications: Conference Office & Churches

Dear Conference Family:

Monday, March 23. With the release of the new executive order (2020-21) by state authorities, the following is in effect from tomorrow, March 24 through April 13. 

  1. As it pertains to the Conference office. The office will be closed from March 24 through April 13, except for employees deemed critical to support essential basic operations [Payroll, Communication, and ITsee section 4(b), 8(h,l)]. Michigan Conference administration will make a determination regarding additional personnel deemed critical to basic operations and will notify office personnel moving forward. With this in mind:
    1. We are adopting social distancing protocols to limit number of workers physically present at the office to what is “strictly necessary.” Staff working on premises must remain six feet from one another. 
    2. Per the executive order, we will be increasing our ongoing standards of facility cleaning and disinfection to minimize exposure to COVID-19. 
    3. Anyone displaying respiratory symptomsor if contact is made with someone known or suspected of having COVID-19—are not to enter office premises. 
  2. Churches are encouraged to practice strict caution when gathering to stream online services for their members. The Michigan Conference is leaning on the side of caution and civic responsibility, and our churches will now remain closed through April 13 (previously closed through March). As many have heard, churches in Michigan are exempted from the executive order (2020-11) that mandated against gatherings of 50 or more persons. However, this will not affect our current policy as it relates to church gatherings, except for the closure extension through April 13.

Friends, we have a unique opportunity to continue ministry at this time through social media, phone calls, FaceTime, and other digital resources. Now is the time to get creative and do everything we can to meet the needs of our members and community.