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Ideas for Contacting your Community


Michigan Conference is blessed to have over sixty ACS centers working hard in the communities to be prominent examples of Christ. Each and every volunteer is appreciated and loved, and we know that every volunteer's efforts are noted in heaven. 

Our shared goal is to reach our communities in as many ways as possible. Below you will notice several ideas for ministry, divided into children's ministries and older adult ministries. The Community Service Center and the local church can work in harmony to implement some of these ideas to attract the community to Christ's everlasting love. 

If you, your center, or your church are doing any of the following ministries (or anything close) please email cringstaff@misda.org. The North American Division (NAD) wants to know! Good ideas need to be shared. 

Ministry to the Community's Older Adults

  • Exercise Class: People everywhere strive to become healthier. Exercising with the community, or hosting a weekly exercise event at the local church is a way to connect with the community and show them Jesus. 
  • Respite Care Class: Sin has destroyed God's intentions for families. Providing respite care for struggling parents or guardians can show the community Jesus' love powerfully. 
  • Foster Grandparents: Some children are not blessed to know their grandparents, or may not have any. Starting a foster grandparent program with strong Christian couples can be a means of leading children to Jesus. 
  • Homebound ministry: The elderly are suffering, oftentimes alone, unable to leave their home. Anyone in your church or ACS center can help bring a smile to homebound persons' faces. All that's needed is time and a caring heart. 
  • Visitation Ministry: Just because an elderly person may have ability to leave their home doesn't mean they aren't lonely. Often in old age, people are alone, isolated from their family. A church family who visits and brings the spirit of Christ along with them can be a great blessing. 

Tutoring and Mentoring the Community

  • Classes for children or adults: These classes can include cooking classes, health classes, gardening classes, mental help classes, evangelism schools, financial schools... By showing the community we care about their physical, mental, or financial needs, we can show them that we also care for their spiritual needs. 
  • ESL (English as a Second Language): The Adventist church is blessed to have members who speak many different languages. Michigan is also a location where many refugees land. Having a class to help new English speakers grow can be a valuable ministry asset to your local church. Also, you may find that you find connections for your ACS center within the refugee community--just another way to reach souls! 
  • Computer classes: Not all adults, especially the older generation, can efficiently use a computer. This is a ministry that all can help with, but especially youth. 
  • Social Networking--How to Use Social Media: Many older adults struggle to use social media to connect with their families. This, especially, can be a blessing. By helping adults connect with their families, we can also help them connect to Jesus. 
  • Partnership with Schools: Many children struggle to read. Older adults, through the local church or ACS center, can partner with local schools to listen to children read. Having a listening ear can greatly improve children's reading levels and comprehension. 


These are just a few ideas. We challenge you and your church and ACS center to be creative and think of even more ways that you can reach your individual communities. Go out and see how God will bless your ministries!