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Summer Ministerial Retreat


Ministerial Retreat: August 3-5

Pastors from the Michigan Conference attend the yearly Ministerial Retreat. Included above are snapshots of the presenters, pastors, and office personnel. The retreat was certainly appreciated by the attendees after months of not seeing one another in larger group settings. Nearly 60 pastors and 19 office personnel were able to attend, and many pastors also brought their families. 

Lincoln Steed, the keynote speaker, addressed religious liberty challenges facing our society and churches in the current milieu. The pastoral team also dug deep in God's word and studied the book of 2 Timothy. 

Pastors and their families also had the opportunity for getting outdoors. Activities included tubing, skiing/wakeboarding, canoeing, go-carting, and horseback riding, to name a few. 

It was a much needed refreshment with opportunities for fellowship, Bible study, and simply being outdoors at one of the most beautiful camps in Michigan.