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Allie Gayle: New Secretary for Ministerial Department


New Secretary for Ministerial

Royce Snyman / Dec 20, 2018 

For the last six years we have been blessed to have Chelli Ringstaff as administrative assistant in the Ministerial Department. She has been a great blessing to our team, but the Lord has called her to a new position as Adventist Community Services (ACS) / Disaster Response director for the Michigan Conference. We wish her all of God’s blessings as she takes on this new leadership role.

With her leaving we have been searching for a replacement, and the Lord has provided. Beginning January 2 (office closed January 1), you will hear the voice of Allie Gayle when you call the Ministerial Department. Allie is the wife of Jermaine Gayle, assistant pastor in East Lansing and part of the CAMPUS team. We welcome her to our office.

Chelli will assist us during the month of January, including helping us at the Ministerial Retreat, so that Allie has time to get up to speed on all that we do in this department.