2021 Camp Meeting Seminars - Part 4

Welcome to the 2021 Michigan Conference Campmeeting! The seminars messages have been divided onto five different pages. You can find the additional pages here:

2021 Camp Meeting Seminars - Part 1

2021 Camp Meeting Seminars - Part 2

2021 Camp Meeting Seminars - Part 3

2021 Camp Meeting Seminars - Part 5

If you are looking for the plenary sessions, please go to this page (www.misda.org/audio2021). 

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Travis Smith - The Three Angels' Messages


Wes McDonald - Let My Pastors Go


Royce Snyman - Elders and Deacons Training


Mike Bernard - Michigan Conference Treasurers Meeting


Cyndi Woods - Sensitivity in Disability


Lauri Snyman - Dealing with the Issues Surrounding Marijuana