Frequently Asked Questions

Answer 1: Online registration is March 1 – March 15.
Answer 2: The paper applications must be completed, mailed to the Michigan Conference Office, and postmarked by March 15 to be included in the random selection. The paper application will be included with the March Michigan Memo newsletter.
Answer: If you use the same choice for an alternate lodging request as you used for your first choice, you limit your opportunities of being selected for a housing option for camp meeting. As an example, if you selected 30-Amp with water and the random selection process list has already filled all of these sites, there would be no other possibilities if you used the same choice as your second option. However, if you choose a different alternative housing option such as 50-Amp with water, 30-Amp no water or 30-Amp full hook-up, etc. there might still be a few openings in those types of campsites not filled by the prior random selection list of applicants. The cost of an alternate choice might be higher than your first choice, but if your goal is to maximize the possibility to attend camp meeting, the alternate choice may help to secure a site.
Answer: This information can be extremely useful in the event of different types of situations such as medical emergencies, severe weather, lost child, fire, non-camp meeting related emergencies, campground population tracking, and planning. For minor children (17 years old or younger) please include the child's date of birth. Also, a medical CONSENT TO TREAT form for each child must be signed by a parent or legal guardian for that child. Separate forms should be completed for each child. Please make copies of the form included in the March Michigan Memo. The form can also be downloaded and printed from the Michigan Conference website at
Answer: If you or someone that will be staying with you has a disability or medical condition that requires a certain type of accommodation or location, etc. or if you would like your housing assignment to be located near the lodging site of another attendee such as a family member, friend or home church member (please list at least two names, rather than saying that you would like to be near the "Mayberry Church group"). We will do our best to accommodate all requests. However, it is not a guarantee.
Answer: It is helpful when making campsite assignments to know the type and size of the camping unit that you will be using to provide the most adequate campsite to meet your tent, pop-up camper, pickup camper, travel-trailer, fifth-wheel or motor home needs.
Answer: No. To be completely fair, your accommodation goes back into the pool and the next person on the random selection list will be contacted. As soon as you know you will not be able to use your accommodation, please call (517) 316-1512.
Answer: Only one camping unit (RV, travel trailer, etc.) and one tent allowed per campsite.
Answer: Yes, there are queen-size and twin-size air mattresses available to rent. When you register please indicate the size and quantity (limit 2 of each size) you would like to rent.
Answer: Yes, please indicate when you register either online or on your paper application if you would like to rent an air mattress.
Answer: There are two sizes available. The cost for the queen is $20/each and the twin is $10/each for the entire camp meeting session.
Answer: If you requested air mattresses, please pick them up and return them at the Accommodations Building.

Answer: Yes. There are some nearby campgrounds and hotels in and near Edmore (3 miles west) and Alma (17 miles east), which may have vacancies. A list of some of these options can be found on the website, however availablility, quality, suitability, and desirability are not guaranteed by the Michigan Conference. You are responsible for contacting these locations, deciding acceptability, and making reservations for yourself.

Answer: You may bring and set-up your trailer, motor home, RV, or pop-up on the campgrounds during the day (no night time set-ups, please), starting Sunday, June 5. However you may not stay on the campgrounds until Friday, June 10.

Answer: Cedar Lake Camp Meeting is located on the campus of Great Lakes Adventist Academy in Cedar Lake Michigan. The address is:
7477 N. Academy Road
Cedar Lake, Michigan 48812
The Cedar Lake phone # for Accommodations is (989) 427- 4126 and will become active beginning on Monday morning, June 6, 2022.
Prior to June 6, phone calls should be directed to the Michigan Camp Meeting Information phone line at (517) 316-1512.

Answer: The website used for camp meeting reservations is a secure website. The information you provide is encrypted to prevent inappropriate use by outside individuals.
Answer: Your credit card will be charged between May 20-25.

Answer: Camp Meeting dates for 2022 are: Friday, June 10 through Sabbath evening, June 18.
Answer: Online Registration is March 1-15
Mailed Paper Applications must be postmarked by March 15
Meal Tickets may be purchased from May 1 through May 15
Check Out Time for cabins, cottages, and dorms: 11:00 AM, Sunday, June 19
Check Out Time for campsites: 11:00 AM, Sunday, June 19

Answer: The speed limit during camp meeting is 10 miles per hour, and only licensed drivers are allowed to operate any type of motorized vehicle (including golf carts) on the campgrounds. When following or approaching a tram, if the tram is stopped, all vehicles including golf carts and other full-sized vehicles such as cars and trucks must stop. Only emergency vehicles are not required to stop; however, even those vehicles should use extreme caution when passing a stopped tram. If a tram is between stops and is moving, you are permitted to pass when it is clear to do so. Remember to always use utmost care when driving any vehicle on the campgrounds. The same rules that apply when approaching a school bus also apply to trams.

Answer: (Note: some variations to the totals may be necessary due to campground changes and housing availability)
Cabins: 44
Cottages: 44
Dorm Rooms: 121
Full Hook-Up Sites (water, electricity, sewer): 23
50-Amp (with water): 60
30-Amp (with water): 212
15-Amp (with water): 33
30-Amp (no water): 34
15-Amp (no water): 29
Primitive Sites (no water or electricity): 102

Answer: Meals are available at the Cafeteria, Mobile Kitchen, and Cedar Café. The cafeteria is open Friday, June 10 for supper, closed both Sabbaths, and open for breakfast, lunch, and supper Sunday through Friday only. The Mobile Kitchen is open for lunch and supper Sunday through Friday. The ABC Cedar Café hours will vary and will be listed in the Camp Meeting daily newsletters.
Answer: Meal tickets can be ordered on the paper application anytime before May 15 and must be paid for in-full by check, money order, or credit card. Online meal tickets can be ordered May 1-15 only. At camp meeting, meal tickets can be purchased at the cafeteria during meal times and will cost $1.00 more per ticket.
Tickets are for individuals or family units only.
Answer: Cost for tickets prior to camp meeting are as follows:
Adult Meals: $8.00
Child Meals (ages 7-12): $6.00
6 and Under: No Charge
Box Lunch (for Sabbath Only): $6.00 (Must be picked up during supper hour on Fridays)
Meals purchased from the cafeteria during camp meeting:
Adult Meals: $9.00
Child Meals (ages 7-12): $7.00
6 and Under: No Charge
Box Lunch (for Sabbath Only): $6.00 (Must be picked up during supper hour on Fridays)
Answer: You may pick up your box lunches for Sabbath in the cafeteria during supper hours on Friday.
Answer: Yes, you can purchase them online, by paper application, or at the cafeteria door (see question23).
To order meal tickets on the paper application, indicate you are requesting meal tickets only by marking the "Meal Tickets Only" check box on the top right section of the form. Meal tickets may be ordered online between May 1-15.
You may also purchase meal tickets during camp meeting at the cafeteria (see question 23 for more information).

Answer: Anytime during the regular registration time frame. However, Michigan constituents get first priority through May 10. After that date, unfilled spaces may be offered to non-Michigan applicants.

Answer: If you don't remember your login information, on the home page click on "Forgot your login information?" You will then be asked to enter the email address associated with your account into the space provided and click 'Go.' Your login information will then be sent by email to the email address you entered when creating your account. Your username and password will be included in this e-mail message as well as a link that will take you directly into your account. The response time is less than 2 minutes.

Answer: If you will be bringing a pet to camp meeting, you must check the "Pets" box when registering online or indicate it in the appropriate space at the bottom of the "Camping" section of the paper application. A “Pet Hold Harmless” form must be completed and given to camp meeting accommodations when you arrive. Pets are only allowed to stay with you in certain sections of the campgrounds and are not allowed in any buildings such as cabins, cottages, dorms, classrooms, or administration areas. Documented service animals are allowed. Please see the Pet Policy in the related section of the General Information & Policies sheets in the back of the registration form packet. No exotic pets allowed.

Answer: In order to maximize fairness for all, a random, computer-generated list of accommodation choices is generated to fill the accommodations available. All applications, both online and paper, will be merged together for the random selection.

Answer: For the safety of everyone, the large loop trams only stop at designated stops that are located at various points within loops E and F and the center road that runs through the campground.
In order to meet more individual transportation needs there are several on-demand, volunteer-driven shuttle golf carts that can be summoned by radio for assistance. Campground loop hosts, transportation shuttle drivers, and shuttle office workers located in the office trailer outside the west entrance to the fitness center / main auditorium building can call for available shuttles when requested.
Often, a shuttle golf cart driver can be hailed to pick up passengers if they are not already full or are on their way to a pre-arranged pick-up. Some shuttle drivers will ask people if they need a ride if they see someone that looks like they would appreciate assistance. For your own safety, please be aware of other traffic on nearby roadways when trying to flag down or when entering or exiting from a shuttle vehicle.
Many of the golf carts seen on the campgrounds are privately owned. They are not part of the camp meeting shuttle system and do not generally give rides to people on demand, unless out of courtesy by the owners.

Answer: Only one vehicle is allowed per campsite. Extra vehicles may be parked in the overflow parking field to the west of Loop F, the east side of Academy Road on the grounds around the church, or near the warehouse on Quarter Road. Motor home owners are allowed one vehicle in addition to their motor home.

Answer: You may call the Camp Meeting phone line at (517) 316-1512. If no one is able to answer your call, please leave a brief message summarizing your question. Be sure and include your name and phone number. You will be contacted as soon as possible.