Balanced Living: FREE PowerPoints (non-editable)



Balanced Living PowerPoint Series: 

The Balanced Living PowerPoint Series features 26 compelling wellness topics. It is now available in a graphic-rich, professionally produced, 26-short video free downloadable seriesThe PPT downloads below are non-editable. Shop our Editable PPTs here.

  • 26 fully scripted, non-editable OR editable PowerPoints, short and long version in English

  • Also available in Spanish

  • Three 7-session seminars that include PDF interactive session guides for each night

  • A PDF Facilitator's Guide to conduct the seminars, including Speaker Tips

  • A Balanced Living Supper Club Guide for holding monthly supper clubs

  • Available for download (Editable version - also available as USB and includes a set of beautiful 4-color Balanced Living large-sized tracts)