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Justin Ringstaff graduated from Southern Adventist University and Andrews Theological Seminary. In 2006 he accepted a call to the Michigan Conference pastoring several churches, serving as district superintendent, and as associate ministerial director before accepting the call to serve as executive secretary. He and his wife, Chelli, met at Southern, were married in the summer of 1998, and love sharing their lives together in the Lord’s work. They have three children–Elijah, Enoch, and Emma. 





Pastor Chad Bernard loves young people and is passionate about telling them about his best friend Jesus. He serves as Youth Director for the Michigan Conference and is excited about a new conference-wide initiative called “Fieldwork” that empowers youth at the local church level to do ministry in their communities.








Pr. Jeff Akenberger

Recently I was in a meeting with an older minister, and as we were discussing strengths and weaknesses, he asked me an important question: “Who has impacted you more in life, your mother or your father?” The question, though seemingly simple, was actually more complicated. You see, my parents divorced the summer before I entered academy. My mother was an Adventist and my father was not, and that made for a very difficult union.

After 18 years, they decided to call it quits. Freshman year of academy is often difficult, but it became very challenging for me as my father, who previously struggled with absenteeism, was now even better at camouflaging himself from the call of fatherhood. He struggled to be there. I’d like to say that the story has changed over the last 20 years, but it hasn’t. Read More