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Adult Literature Evangelism

Through the years, guidance in publishing and circulating our literature has been through the pen of Ellen G. White. In these counsels the selling of our truth-filled books and papers is elevated to a work comparable to that of the gospel ministry. The seller of books is seen as a colporteur evangelist. Consider the following instruction given by the pen of inspiration:

The great object of our publications is to exalt God, to call men’s attention to the living truths of His word. God calls upon us to lift up, not our own standard, not the standard of this world, but His standard of truth. 

Colporteur Ministry (CM), p.2

If there is one work more important than another, it is that of getting our publications before the public, thus leading them to search the scriptures.

CM, p.7

The importance of the canvassing work is kept ever before me. This work has not of late had the life infused into it, which was once given by the agents, who made it their specialty. Canvassers have been called from their evangelistic work to engage in other labor. This is not as it should be. 

CM, p.7

In the Desire of Ages, Patriarchs and Prophets, The Great Controversy, and in Daniel and the Revelation, there is precious instruction. These books must be regarded as of special importance, and every effort should be made to get them before the people.

CM, p.123