The Difference at Summer Camp

PC: Ryan Thomas
PC: Ryan Thomas

By Ken Micheff & Andy Im / August 10, 2018

     Sitting down with Pastor Ken is always a treat. Almost always.

     If you can't take a super-duper, break-your-bones type of massage, then you may want to stay clear. He's notorious for his massages. 

     But even then it's worth getting acquainted with his bear hugs, warmth, and infectious camaraderie. He's the quintessential guy you want in your foxhole when deep in the trenches. If a grenade dropped in, you'd be pushed away so he could jump on top of it. 

     Several weeks ago I sat down for a brief chat with our youth director and came away knowing God truly blessed at this year's camp. It took a team effort, and he'll be the first to tell you that. 

What's your takeaway from camp this past summer? A dedicated staff; I’m seeing more and more young adults that want to be "all in" for God. They’re very intentional about a personal walk with Jesus. They’re wanting to be real. They’re spending time with Him personally. They’re upfront, and sharing Jesus.

     I’m also hearing from them a message about revival. They're saying, “We need to turn away from sin.” I’m inspired that they’re taking the initiative. They’re running the camp. You don’t have an older person micromanaging them.

     I believe that because of their intentionality, the Holy Spirit is guiding them. I’m also seeing young boys and girls give their lives to Jesus. They’re wanting to be baptized. They’re wanting to follow.

What's been the result of having such spirit-led staff? The attitude the staff have is contagious. And I think young people are giving their lives to Jesus that's going against the stream, it’s going against the grain. The character of God’s been revealed, and they want that. There's young people just crying, asking the Lord to come into their lives.

What about at Family Camp specifically? I’m seeing dads and moms spending times with their kids. Grandmas and grandmas up here. I’m seeing intentionality in coming to worship. Worships are full. The Holy Spirit is working on hearts. People want to be in an environment where Jesus is. They want the real Christian walk. They want God to be the center of their home.

     They also realize that what they do here is just a taste of what they’re going to experience in heaven. I’m really touched and encouraged. 

What's your philosophy behind camp? What's the "it" factor? God has blessed us with this camp. We don’t often hear the Holy Spirit because our culture has become so busy. The technology. The phones. The internet. There’s a lot of noise in our world. That noise just drowns out the voice of God. Camp is a place where you can turn your phones off. If you’re not used to that quietness, it’s difficult.

     But after a week, you can begin to hear God’s voice.