Especially for Teachers

Contract Samples


                     Anti-bullying pledge.pdf

                     Student Pledge or Contract.pdf

          High School

                     High School Bystander Pledge.pdf

                     Possible Pledge.pdf

                     Student and Parent Pledge.pdf

                     Technology Contract2.pdf

                     Technology Contract.pdf


            Middle School

                     Behavior Letter to parent.pdf

                     Internet Usage Contract.pdf

                     Pledge for Online Use.pdf

                     Student and parent pledge.pdf

                     Student Pledge or Contract.pdf



                        Behavior Letter to Parents.PDF

                        Behavior Letter to Parents.doc


          Planning a Safe School Classroom

                        Creating a Safe Classroom Environment.pdf

                        How A Parent Can Work with the Teacher_Suggestions.pdf


          Poster Contest Ideas for Students

                        Ideas for posters.jpg






                       Action Plan.pdf

                       Possible Protocol When Bullying Behaviors.pdf



                       Cyber Bullying

                       Cyber Bullying Statistics

                       Don’t Be a Bully with a Great ending
                       Don’t be a bystander
                       Enough is enough
                       Facts About Bullying A PSA
                       Forgiving Others Who Hurt You
                       The Heart Project by Elementary Students

                       How to Stop a Bully
                       Kindness Counts, A Public Service Announcement

                       Parents, Stop Your Kids from Bullying by Dr. Phil

                       Parents, How to Help Your Kids Who Are Bullied
                       Practice the Golden Rule
                       Story of Middle School/special needs child
                       Testimony of A Mother of Special Needs Kid
                       Testimony of 9 year old girl
                       Testimony of An Adult News Anchor Woman
                       Testimony of Adult Man Who Was Bullied
                       Will You Stand Up For People Who Are Being Bullied?