Tips for Effective Bible Study During COVID-19

Effective Bible Study During COVID-19

How are we to successfully engage in Bible studies during periods where we are unable to meet in person? 

April 17, 2020 | Kameron DeVasher

To find Bible study interests right now, you can…

  • Call previous Bible study leads, prophecy seminar attendees, and missing church members as the current crisis has likely awakened dormant spiritual interest. Pray with them and invite them to receive Bible lessons and DVDs. 

  • Distribute strategically placed (BSO) GLOW tracts and business cards. Though person-to-person distribution may be unwise right now, a well-placed tract or card still has power to arrest the attention.

  • Insert the BSO GLOW tract or business card inside the “Coronavirus and Immunity” GLOW tract or other GLOW tract of your choice before distributing. 
  • If you have a church sign, use it to say something like, “COVID-19 got you asking Bible questions? Find answers at” 
  • Place a BSO yard sign in a prominent place.
  • Share a link to BSO via social media and text messaging.
  • If you can safely maintain a conversation from at least six feet away, feel free to use those social interactions as opportunities to gauge spiritual interest. For example, you can turn conversations about Coronavirus toward your faith in God and your trust in the Bible. Share a favorite Bible promise and let them know that at they can receive Bible lessons and DVDs about the Bible prophecies that speak about current world events. 
  • Just ask! Even while maintaining safe social distance, you can still ask friends, neighbors, co-workers, or even strangers if they would be interested in studying the Bible. If they show an interest, you can refer them to or even sign them up at from your smartphone right there on the spot. Even better yet, you can schedule a time to study together over the phone or by video chat.  

To follow-up new Bible study requests now, you can… 

Call Ahead

  • Most people who request Bible studies through the BSO website select the “personal” option. Perhaps they assume another option would be uncomfortable or would require too much of a time commitment. Regardless, under normal circumstances we recommend going directly to every interest’s home to personally deliver Bible study materials without calling ahead—even for those who request the “personal” option. That brief interaction is an invaluable opportunity to make a good first impression, to ease potential suspicion, and to put a face to their Bible study journey. 

  • During this time of heightened concern about direct social interaction, however, it may be wise to make your first contact over the phone.  

  • If you call ahead to those who requested “personal” studies, you will need to discuss the two delivery options we provide—dropping the studies off at their home or sending the materials through the mail. Obviously, if someone requests the “one-on-one” or “small group study” option, there is no need to call ahead. Proceed directly to a home visit in such cases (see for the recommended protocols below for drop-off and in-person studies at this time)
  • When you make the initial call, say something like this:

“Hi, my name is ­­­­­­­­______ and I’m a local representative for We received your request for the ______lessons and are happy to see you have an interest in studying the Bible. If you don’t mind me asking, what prompted you to request these lessons? You made a wise choice! We would like to get these lessons to you as quickly as possible. I can personally drop them off at your home as early as today or tomorrow or I can mail them to you so you should would receive them in the next few days. Which would you prefer?

At we do more than merely distribute Bible study materials. We also provide personal assistance on your Bible study journey. I would like to give you my phone number so you can reach me at any time with questions, concerns, or insights you might have as you study God’s Word. May I pray with you before we go?” 


Drop off study guides personally

  • It would be wise to take extra precautions when preparing Bible study materials at this time. Be sure to wash your hands then wear gloves and a mask to place Bible study guides in a sealed plastic bag along with a note explaining the safety precautions that you took in packaging the lessons. Though this may seem excessively cautious, many will appreciate your diligence and thoughtfulness.  

  • Use hand sanitizer before you take the lessons to the door. Leave them on the porch and then ring the doorbell. 

  • Maintain social distance upon delivery by staying at least six feet away from the door after knocking. Remain off the steps or porch as you interact with people.
  • If someone seems uncomfortable with personal delivery at this time, offer to mail future study guides. 


Send Bible study guides through the mail

  • Mail only two Bible study guides at a time. Be sure to Include the corresponding review cards, a stamped self-return envelope, and a cover letter. (See the resource section for a sample introduction and follow-up letter.)

  • Always include a personal note sharing how excited you are for them and how confident you are that the Lord will bless them as they study. Be sure to give your phone number along with an appeal for them to contact you with their questions, concerns, or insights.  


One-on-One or Group Studies

  • Normally, setting up a one-on-one or group study is a simple a choosing a time and place that works for everyone. In our present circumstance, however, we recommend that all interactive studies be conducted via telephone or computer screen at this time.

  • You can deliver the study guides as outlined above for drop-off studies, then immediately follow-up with a phone of video chat study when you return home or at another agreed upon time.