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Education Superintendent Provides Update on Reopening Schools

Update by Jeremy Hall, Education Superintendent 

Jeremy Hall provides an update on the reopening of schools.

June 26, 2020 | Lansing, MI | Jeremy Hall,

Greetings Michigan Conference Families:

The past few months have witnessed challenges that we could never have anticipated. It was unexpected to us but not to God. He knew about the challenges we would face and has seen us through the adjustments that have been made all across our Conference footprint. Adventist education has been no different. 

I am so grateful to our teachers who, in a matter of days, pivoted to deliver a quality education that would normally have taken weeks and months to plan for and execute. I am grateful for the students who also made adjustments to the new delivery system and had such great attitudes as we transformed the physical classroom into a virtual one. 

I also want to say a special, “Thank you!” to our parents for the extra work they put in to support their students, and in turn, assisted the teachers’ work as they provided a distance learning experience to the best of their ability. The glory goes to God because were it not for His grace, we would not have been able to finish the year as positively as we have. 

Some may wonder what things are going to look like in August relative to schools reopening. Our plan has been to reopen in August if able, and with the Governor’s recent statement, it appears the State is moving optimistically in that direction. On June 30th the Governor’s office will release guidelines and mandates pertaining to how schools will operate, and we as an educational system will continue to adhere to any orders and mandates that pertain to private schools.

It is important to note that even though there may be different criteria across each county relative to the virus, if the governor’s mandates are statewide, then our schools will continue to maintain these guidelines.

We will continue to keep our schools up-to-date with pertinent information related to reopening, and they will pass along any information to their respective families and students. 


Jeremy Hall M.A., LLP

Superintendent of Schools 

Michigan Conference of SDA