Memorial Day Stands for More

Nathaniel Oregon | June 3, 2019

As a veteran, there are three holidays that mean a lot to me—Memorial Day, Veterans Day, and Independence Day. These holidays mean more than simply going to the lake or park. They are more than having the day off and doing a cookout. They stand for something, especially to all those who have fought and died for our country. . . 

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Spiritual Blind Spots

Andy Im | March 15, 2019

Every Christian is ignorant of their ignorance. Put another way, we have blind spots. The world even more so. It’s possible to think you know something but not know it—to see, hear, and read truth; yet see not, hear not and perceive not (Matt. 13:13-15). There’s a way that may seem right to you, but its end is death. . .

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