What Do You Fear?

Jim Micheff | November 1, 2021

What do you fear? What challenges are you facing? There is one challenge that all of us share and that is the pandemic. COVID has been the source of sorrow, pain and tears. It is also surrounded by chaos, misinformation and the absence of a universally accepted source(s) for truth. . . 




Tithing & Spiritual Growth

Mike Bernard | September 13, 2021

Unfortunately, as a young and selfish person growing up, I began to shape a view that giving was a transaction where I was going to receive an equal or greater material item in return for whatever I gave to the Lord. What a great arrangement! I had nothing to lose! It was like that Christmas gift exchange where everyone else brought a better gift than you, and you were guaranteed to go home a lot happier than you came. This arrangement with God was going to be just fine as long as He kept up on His end of the bargain. . . 




Eyes in the Dark

Jim Micheff | April 1, 2021

When my children were small, we lived in Colorado. My office was only about one mile from our house and one evening, my wife and children came to visit. I needed to finish some things, so two of the children waited to walk home with me. . . . It was dark by the time we set out. Streetlights illuminated part of the way, but there were no lights on the final stretch of road to our house.  When we walked out of the glow of the last streetlight, we realized just how dark it was. 




Religious Liberty: What Matters Most

Andy Im | February 3, 2021

I think we can agree that the year 2020 was unlike any we’ve ever experienced. COVID-19 disrupted normal life and ultimately the course of history. I remember thinking last year in March and April how surreal things had become. Adventist churches in Michigan were temporarily shuttered as churches scrambled to use online platforms and programming. ZOOM quickly became a thing in addition to increasing unemployment, bankruptcies, and widespread protests. . . 




Coming Full Circle

Nidia & Edward Cruz | January 26, 2021

For most people, 2020 has been full of heartache, loss and sadness. And, although it’s been a very hard year for us also, 2020 represents transformation, hope, strength and renewal. On September 19, 2020, we not only celebrated our 11th wedding anniversary but we also decided to renew our vows and recommit our love for each other after many years of marital challenges. Most importantly, we chose that day to also give our lives to the Lord and commit our lives to Him in baptism. It was a very special day because. . . 


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